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PhD thesis

Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Structural priming in the grammatical network: A study of English argument structure constructions. University of Edinburgh dissertation.

Journal articles

  1. Ungerer, Tobias. forthcoming. Vertical and horizontal links in constructional networks: two sides of the same coin? Constructions and Frames. (see the author manuscript)
  2. Hartmann, Stefan, Jakob Neels, and Tobias Ungerer. forthcoming. My grammar runneth over: Reconsidering the role of extravagance in grammaticalisation. (see the dataset)
  3. Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Extending structural priming to test constructional relations: Some comments and suggestions. Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association 10(1). 159-182. (see the author manuscript)
  4. Ungerer, Tobias. 2021. Using structural priming to test links between constructions: English caused-motion and resultative sentences inhibit each other. Cognitive Linguistics 32(3). 389-420. (see the author manuscript and the dataset)
  5. Ungerer, Tobias, and Stefan Hartmann. 2020. Delineating extravagance: Assessing speakers’ perceptions of imaginative constructional patterns. Belgian Journal of Linguistics 34. 345–356. (see the dataset)


  1. Hartmann, Stefan, and Tobias Ungerer. 2021. Attack of the snowclones: A corpus-based analysis of extravagant formulaic patterns. PsyArXiv. (see the dataset)

Book reviews

  1. Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Review of Sommerer & Smirnova (2020): Nodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar. Journal of Historical Linguistics 12(2). 317-326.