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PhD thesis

Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Structural priming in the grammatical network: A study of English argument structure constructions. University of Edinburgh dissertation. (download here and see below for the published version)


  1. Ungerer, Tobias, and Stefan Hartmann. 2023. Constructionist approaches: Past, present, future. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Open Access)
  2. Ungerer, Tobias. 2023. Structural priming in the grammatical network (Constructional Approaches to Language 35). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Peer-reviewed articles

  1. Ungerer, Tobias. in press. Vertical and horizontal links in constructional networks: two sides of the same coin? Constructions and Frames. (see the author manuscript)
  2. Neels, Jakob, Stefan Hartmann and Tobias Ungerer. 2023. A quantum of salience: Reconsidering the role of extravagance in grammaticalization. In Hendrik De Smet, Peter Petré and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (eds.), Context, intent and variation in grammaticalization, 47–78. Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter. (see the dataset)
  3. Ungerer, Tobias. 2023. A gradient notion of constructionhood. Constructions, Special issue “35 years of constructions”. 1–20. (see the PDF)
  4. Hartmann, Stefan, and Tobias Ungerer. 2023. Attack of the snowclones: A corpus-based analysis of extravagant formulaic patterns. Journal of Linguistics. Advance online publication. (see the preprint and the dataset)
  5. Ungerer, Tobias. 2021. Using structural priming to test links between constructions: English caused-motion and resultative sentences inhibit each other. Cognitive Linguistics 32(3). 389–420. (see the author manuscript and the dataset)
  6. Ungerer, Tobias, and Stefan Hartmann. 2020. Delineating extravagance: Assessing speakers’ perceptions of imaginative constructional patterns. Belgian Journal of Linguistics 34. 345–356. (see the author manuscript and the dataset)

Non-peer-reviewed articles

  1. Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Extending structural priming to test constructional relations: Some comments and suggestions. Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association 10(1). 159–182. (see the author manuscript)

Book reviews

  1. Ungerer, Tobias. 2023. Elaine J. Francis, Gradient acceptability and linguistic theory (Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022. Pp. xv 270. ISBN 9780192898951. English Language & Linguistics 27(2). 430–436. (see the author manuscript)
  2. Ungerer, Tobias. 2022. Review of Sommerer & Smirnova (2020): Nodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar. Journal of Historical Linguistics 12(2). 317–326. (see the author manuscript)