About me

Hi! Since July 2022, I’ve been working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Psycholinguistics & Cognition Lab (PI Roberto G. de Almeida) at Concordia University, Montreal. We focus on a variety of topics related to conceptual representation, such as semantic compositionality, argument structure, metaphor and morphological parsing. Details of our current projects will be posted soon.

For my PhD at the University of Edinburgh (supervised by Graeme Trousdale, Nik Gisborne and Chris Cummins), I investigated how psycholinguistic evidence from structural priming can inform cognitive-linguistic models of the grammatical network (e.g., in Construction Grammar). See here for my recent paper on what priming can tell us about the similarity relation between the English caused-motion and the resultative construction.

Apart from that, I’m interested in:

  • Construction Grammar and cognitive-linguistic theory (see the slides of my recent talk at ICCG11 about the concepts of 'vertical' and 'horizontal' links between constructions)
  • Priming methodologies, incl. the question of how structural priming can be extended to new phenomena, and what factors give rise to facilitatory and inhibitory priming
  • Formal and computational approaches to linguistic networks, including the tools of network science (see my slides from a research group talk)
  • Linguistic creativity, specifically the concept of linguistic 'extravagance' (see our paper) and its application to so-called 'snowclone' constructions (e.g., X is the new Y - see our preprint)